Agri Rando – Escape in Dordogne
Tourist excursion in Corrèze, Dordogne Valley

Agri Rando, welcomes you in the gorges of the Dordogne in Corrèze

The Escape in Dordogne tour was born from the will of a man from the “Country”, Gilles who wanted with great determination, energy and passion to discover the gorges of the Dordogne.

For half a day, embark with him aboard his comfortable 4X4, for an excursion of the natural and historical heritage of the famous River Esperance.

The Dordogne is such a beautiful river that her lovers say she is the most beautiful in France.

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It is from the foot of the Puy de Sancy that the Dordogne rushes on a course of nearly 500 kms which will bring it to merge with the Garonne, in the estuary of the Gironde.

Gilles will take you on a part of this Valley and will tell you the events of which it was the theater. Upstream of Argentat the course of the river during the first half of the 20th century was completely upset. Your guide will discuss the construction of dams, hydroelectric production while admiring the majestic dam Chastang.

He will also make you appreciate the ecological impact of these monuments on the fish fauna, which he will give you a little topo …

But the history of the Dordogne did not begin with the construction of dams !!
Gilles will talk about the men who lived near the river.
The Gabariers, these sailors sailed to Libourne.
In their flat-bottomed boats, they transported mostly cut timber on the slopes of the gorges of the Haute-Dordogne.
They were long and perilous journeys that lasted weeks.

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On the half-day program

Meet at 14:00 in front of the Tourist Office of the city of Argentat for this ride “Panoramic” and exceptional!, Which will bring you first in “Xaintrie Blanche”.

– Departure for the small region Xaintrie white, access to a wonderful view around the village of Bassignac le Haut.

-Then from the belvedere Servières-le-Château, we will have a unique point of view on the majestic work of Chastang

– We will then approach the river, and enter the discovery area EDF Chastang for a small visit.

– Cross the Dordogne on the road of the dam, and access to the right bank, direction Saint-Martin-la-Méanne.

– We will take the forest tracks under the village of Lavastrou which will take us to another magnificent point of view.

– Then the small village of Saint-Martial-Entraygues we cross to follow a small road more rugged, after a few hundred meters, again a magnificent panorama is offered to us …. “Roc Castel“!

– We will go down in the valley and cross Argentat, to join the Puy du Tour, where 2 points of view we will be accessible:
* The city of Argentat
* The plain of Monceaux-[on-Dordogne]

It is a strategic place on the course of the Dordogne because the river abandons these gorges cashed to spread out and wander in the plains to Libourne.

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