Agri Rando – Farmer Gateway
Tourist excursion in Corrèze, Dordogne Valley

Agri Rando together with all tourism participants welcome you to Corrèze in the Dordogne Valley

Farmer for the past 30 years on a farm in Corrèze, Gilles invites you on an agricultural getaway in the heart of Xaintree.

Our surroundings will be those of the Dordogne Valley. Please note that this valley was classified by UNESCO, to the world network of biosphere reserves because of its great environmental wealth and that the Xaintree is a granite plateau, isolated by the deep valleys of the Dordogne, Cere and Maronne.

Our small privileged group will quietly criss-cross the small typical roads of my countryside in a comfortable 4X4.

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Our circuit will focus on agricultural farm visits, offering you a wide variety of plant and animal produce.

In this day when problems linked to our diet and the ways and means used to produce it, are of prime importance, an Agri Rando with Gilles will be the chance to sow questions and develop our knowledge, ideas and perhaps some solutions.

A gastronomic lunch in a renowned restaurant will allow you to taste some of the produce seen during the tour.

Lastly, the farm visits will be punctuated with stops that will allow us to discover a part of the rich natural and historic heritage of the Dordogne valley: the medieval citadel of the Tour de Merle, the wild and refreshing Murel waterfalls or even the ascent of Roche De Vic where you can enjoy an exceptional 360° panarama.

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Program for the day

We start this bucolic outing “Agri Rando”, at 09h00 in front of the Tourist Office of Argentat country (Corrèze !).

After introductions and a quick rundown of our circuit, we’ll board a comfortable 4×4 that seats up to 8 people (7 + driver).

– The first farm to open its doors will be that of Guy, where their “Large White” pigs play out in the open.
In the middle of meadows and woodlands we’ll find this quality breeding that at the end of which allows many delicious recipes to be made.
Did you know that the most consumed meat in the world is pork?

– We then visit Didier’s farm or that of Michel and Odile.
In Didier’s farm, we’ll make friends with more than 1000 “Hubbels”??  Hubbels… Quézaco?? While at Michel and Odile’s farm, we‘ll find duck fattening that allows the gourmets to enjoy Foie Gras, confit, rillettes…

– We’ll end our morning tour by contemplating the vestige of the Tours de Merle
From a point away from the crowds, with an exceptional view of this inescapable site of Xaintrie!

– At the end of the morning our appetites will guide us to the small town of Argentat, former barge port that endlessly reflects its granite houses in the waters of the Dordogne.

We then lunch in a reputed restaurant where a refined cuisine, skilfully using the farm produce visited, will delight our taste buds.

In the afternoon, we’ll meet … the cows!

– Firstly, we visit the organic small holding of Blandine and her numerous produce:
–  *  the most traditional for our region : the breeding of milk calves under the mother;
–  *  the most appealing to children : goat farming;
–  *  the most original : rabbit farming “on the lawn”;
–  *  Finally market gardening that we divide into four types of agriculture, intensive, rational, organic and biodynamic.

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– Then we leave for the gorges of the Murel waterfalls classified as a zone of ecological interest for fauna and flora or we ascend the steep slope to the Roche de Vic and enjoy a 360° view of the southern part of the department of Corrèze. Before leaving one of these sites, a short break, “to taste some local products” will be offered (sausage, cheese, and local wine).

– Lastly, around 18h00, we enter the Bos Farm, to meet the Simmentals.
Pierre loves his cows and they return his love by giving him high quality milk that he transforms into yogurts, cheeses…
In his farm, our small group have the privilege of seeing the evening milking.

– After leaving Pierre and his cows we return to Argentat to end our day with Agri Rando.

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